We’re committed to making your trip have a positive effect on the destination you’re visiting. Responsible business has been at the heart of what we do. We care deeply about travelling in a way that positively impacts the people and places we visit. Responsible tourism aims to minimize tourism’s negative impacts on the environment and maximize the positive contributions tourism can make to local communities. It is a rising movement and an increasing trend that can change the way we travel forever. Being socially and culturally aware when you travel. We hope you’ll join us in re-inventing tourism for the benefit of local people, the environment, tourists and the tourism. More than operating responsible tours, we want to raise awareness and develop projects to support local needs as well as environment protection activities.


We’re committed to making your trip have a positive effect on the destination you’re visiting. We also want to ensure that the way we operate Nihosi Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd. is socially responsible and environmentally friendly.


  • Where we can, we support communities and family at a grass root level. One of the most effective and enjoyable ways is through food! Dining with local families not only allows us to help provide a direct income, it offers our travellers a delicious home cooked, traditional meal and the chance for both parties to learn more about each other’s cultures.

  • The wellbeing of all wildlife and its natural habitat is very important to us. We don’t offer elephant riding on our holidays and we abhor animals being exploited or put to any unnatural uses.

  • Fair wages and conditions for all staff involved in your trip.

  • Using locally owned, and environmentally and socially responsible, accommodation wherever possible.

  • Supporting a range of on-the-ground charities and projects that work within our destinations.

  • encouraging cycling to work, recycling, lowering energy use.

  • Encouraging our staff to be involved in charity and fundraising projects.

Following are some suggestions to ensure that your trip is not only rewarding but has a positive effect on the destination you are visiting.

  • Observing local cultural sensitivities will help you engage with local people and avoid embarrassment or even offence.

  • Always Ask Permission to Photograph People if it’s okay and be aware that flash photography can be damaging to artwork.

  • Learning a few words in a local language can be greatly appreciated and can open the doors to a more authentic experience.

  • Aim to recycle what you can. Water bottles can often be refilled hygienically. Try to throw away or recycle any extra packaging you may have before you travel and bring items such as batteries home to be recycled if they can’t be locally.

  • Remember to turn off lights and electrical equipment in your room if you’re not using them and turn off air-conditioning units when they’re not needed or when you leave the room. Water can be a precious resource, so try to keep your usage of it to a minimum, both in your hotel room and whenever possible throughout your trip.

  • Relics and products made from endangered animals and plants were probably acquired illegally. Refusing to buy them is not only in the interests of the local people, the environment and future visitors, it could also help you avoid getting into trouble with police and customs.

  • It’s estimated that as much as 90% of what visitors spend can leave the destination country. We try to ensure that as much as possible stays in the local area by supporting community-run and locally-owned businesses. Try to eat in locally owned restaurants and order local drinks and produce rather than international brands. You can encourage community initiatives such as handmade crafts by buying locally produced souvenirs.

  • Different cultures have different attitudes to tipping and bartering – your pre-trip notes will provide details or ask your guide for advice so as not to offend. Keep a light heart and a big smile when bargaining and try to remember that small amounts can mean a lot more to the vendor than to you.

a proud supporter of TAP (Travelers Against Plastic)

responsible travel

“Take only photographs, leave only footprints” As an environmentally conscious travel organization, We’ve taken the TAP pledge, we feel strongly about the mission of Travelers Against Plastic and as a result of this pledge our organization’s support and commitment to helping eliminate single-use plastics within travel and tourism. Nihosi Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd. is a proud supporter of TAP, a non-profit initiative encouraging travelers to bring a reusable water bottle when they travel. Millions of water bottles get discarded all around the world each year, and as travelers, we have the responsibility to protect and conserve the amazing destinations we visit.

Across our treks, water provided will almost always be purified by your support team, from rivers and streams alongside the trail. Where this isn’t possible, we encourage our participants to bring purifying kits or bottles with them. As a responsible travel company, we’re passionate about helping people reduce their plastic use when traveling, and at home. Here are some tips on how you can tread lightly when traveling.

  • Carry your own shopping bag(reusable shopping bags)
  • Stop buying bottled water
  • Get the plastic off your face
  • Shop in bulk
  • Carry reusable utensils and glass drinking straws.
  • Try to choose only wine bottled in glass with natural cork stoppers.
  • Choose plastic-free chewing gum.
  • Say “no” to plastic produce bags.
  • Don’t buy convenience foods packaged in plastic.
  • Buy laundry detergent in boxes, not liquid in plastic containers.
  • Buy farm fresh eggs in reusable paper containers.
  • Store all your food in glass containers. If you purchase something bottled in glass, clean it and reuse it!
  • Use rechargeable batteries to reduce buying batteries packaged in plastic.
  • Use junk mail and other paper to stuff into big packages to ship instead of bubble wrap or air-filled plastic.
  • Say “paper not plastic” at the grocery store.
  • Buy toilet paper that is wrapped in paper, not plastic.
responsible travel

a proud member of Pack for a Purpose

responsible travel
Pack for a Purpose

We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and take supplies for the projects we support in need, you’ll make a priceless impact in the lives of our local children and families. Please click here to see what supplies are needed for our project/projects.

Charities & Projects

“Responsible Is Everything We Do” Nihosi Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd works closely with and is one of the main supporters of local NGO Bal Sarathi.

Bal Sarathi has been conducting literacy, health and hygiene classes for the children. The primary target group of the Bal Sarathi programs is for the children of 4-18 years of age, who can’t afford to attend school or any formal schooling due to poverty, migration, conflict and parent’s neglect and incapacity.

We support them in many ways.


Nihosi Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd donates up to 10% of its annual revenue to Bal Sarathi projects which cover regular maintenance of school buildings, constructing toilets, Health and Nutrition Program, free nutritious mid-day meal Program, various development programs related with health, education, environment and skill development. and so on.


One of the significant activities of Bal Sarathi is the children sponsorship program, which is conducted with full collaboration with Nihosi Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd

Partnership (Volunteering Program)

The Volunteering Program, devised by Nihosi Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd and Bal Sarathi.  aims to mobilize teams of experts and interested individuals as a useful and economic measure in providing the human capital for education, health, and community development.